Membership & Branches


LEAF is made up of people from all walks of life who form the membership base of our branches and affiliate organization. Membership in a branch or affiliate is your means of joining LEAF.

Branch membership is a great way to ensure that women’s equality rights are protected under the law. Through their branch or affiliate, office members provide a voice in their community and nationally for women’s equality. Membership gives you a vote in your local branch or affiliate, and your branch or affiliate then appoints a representative to participate in LEAF’s Annual General Meeting.

Not profit organizations are also welcome to join branches and affiliates. Organizations join to show mutual support in our common struggle for equal rights for women and girls in Canada.

LEAF is able to provide education programs, advocacy events and monitor litigation across the country because of our branches, affiliate and individuals like you. We hope that you will join LEAF by becoming a member of a branch or affiliate today. Help us make a difference for girls and women in Canada.

To sign up for a LEAF membership please click here.

*Please note that any personal information provided to LEAF for individual membership or donation purposes will be kept confidential and secure.


Find your closest branch or affiliate by navigating to the main menu, “Branches” section and learn more about local activities.