Ways to Get Involved

The dedicated work of our volunteers across the country is central to LEAF’s success. The volunteers govern the organization, serve on active committees, staff branches and act as LEAF counsel whenever LEAF intervenes at the Supreme Court of Canada and Appellate Court levels. They also support LEAF with the annual events and play a crucial role in raising the funds. There are many ways for members and friends of LEAF to get involved:

1. Join Your Local LEAF

Volunteer with the LEAF branch closest to you. LEAF Branches are largely volunteer run and are always happy to welcome new volunteers! Find your closest branch or affiliate by navigating to the main menu, “Branches” section and learn more about local activities.

2. Board and Committee Work

LEAF’s National Board and Committees seek new members annually, usually for a three year term. If you have an interest in applying you can contact the Chair of LEAF’s National Nominating Committee. Every board member sits on at least one committee as follows: Law Program; Education; Nominating; Governance; and Fund Development. Please find more information about LEAF Recruitment here.

3. Help Youth and Others Learn About Equality Rights

Several branches facilitate the LEAF education programs in community settings. For more information please contact us.

4. Help Us Celebrate Women’s Equality in Your Community

At both the National and Branch level, LEAF volunteers seize two opportunities each year to celebrate, meet with old and new LEAF friends, and yes, raise greatly needed funds! Equality Day events, occur on a date close to April 15. It celebrates the 1985 enactment of Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on April 15, 1985. Persons Day events (usually Breakfasts), occur on a date close to October 18. These events celebrate when Canadian women gained recognition as persons on October 18, 1929. These special events are possible thanks to our volunteer organizing committees. For more information please contact us.

5. Be a LEAF Pro Bono Lawyer

LEAF needs lawyers to volunteer their time and skills to complete research assignments, serve on the Law Program Committee, and to represent LEAF in court. LEAF welcomes offers of assistance from pro bono counsel and firms. Once LEAF’s Board has approved a case for action, LEAF retains pro bono counsel. The lead lawyer is called the “first chair” and the assisting lawyer is referred to as the “second chair.” Once the lawyers are chosen and retained by LEAF, they work with a subcommittee comprised of members of the Law Program Committee, volunteers and LEAF legal staff. Together they develop the legal theory and argument in the case, draft submissions, and prepare documentation for the court. Finally, the pro bono lawyers will go to court to argue the case.

6. Donate to LEAF

Please consider supporting the current work of LEAF by making the most generous donation you can. If you would like to receive our e-newsletters and donate at a later time, please provide us with your contact information here.

For more information, please contact us.