Kane, et al, v. Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nations

With the Congress of Black Women, LEAF intervened in a complaint regarding cross burnings and other racist actions which took place at a meeting sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ Christian Aryan Nations in Alberta. The Board of Inquiry heard the complaints of several individuals who had witnessed at “Aryan Fest” the use of signs and symbols that contravened Alberta’s Individual Rights Protection Act.

LEAF and the Congress of Black Women raised arguments of equality concerns in that the signs and symbols displayed at Aryan Fest could cause actual harm to target groups and promote latent discrimination in the denial of access to employment, accommodation, education and social services. The Church of Jesus Christ Christian Aryan Nations argued that the Individual Rights Protection Actviolated the Charter rights of freedom of expression.

Fortunately, the Board ruled that there was no Charter violation in that it served to promote equality and stop discrimination.

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