LEAF Foundation

By 1989, the work of the Women’s Legal Education Action Fund was in full swing and LEAF’s founding mothers recognized the need for an independent, long-term source of funds to advance the human and civil rights of women. The LEAF foundation was formed.

The Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) Foundation is an incorporated, registered charitable foundation. The Foundation operates independently from LEAF through its own board of directors.

The LEAF Foundation holds an investment portfolio comprised of bequests, endowed gifts and significant corporate donations. From the earnings on its investments, the LEAF Foundation annually grants funds to LEAF. The foundation’s annual grant is set at a level that allows the foundation’s investment capital to remain intact while the annual grant provides a base for some of LEAF’s core operating and program needs.

LEAF’s own annual fundraising campaign reaches out to individual donors and members to provide funds to support much of LEAF’s annual work. LEAF will forever owe a debt of gratitude to the donors who contribute to the LEAF Foundation’s endowment campaign and to the many volunteers who have worked within the Foundation since 1989 to build core financial support for LEAF’s ongoing work.

FAQ about the LEAF Foundation

What is the role of the LEAF Foundation in fundraising for LEAF?

The LEAF Foundation does not actively fundraise or solicit funds on behalf of LEAF.  The Foundation accepts bequests or endowed gifts from donors who wish to leave a lasting legacy in support of LEAF’s work.

Can the LEAF Foundation meet all of LEAF’s financial needs?

To fulfill its mandate, LEAF needs significantly more operating funds than the LEAF Foundation currently has the capacity to provide. LEAF therefore relies on its on-going annual donors, fundraising campaigns, and special events, to sustain the costs of carrying out LEAF’s work each year.

How do I leave a bequest or an endowed gift to the LEAF Foundation?

Gifts to the LEAF Foundation can be made via the LEAF office by contacting LEAF’s Executive Director at (416) 595-7170 (EXT 225).  LEAF’s toll-free number is 1-888-824-5323.  Your questions will be answered fully and many giving options can be explored.

How do I give directly to LEAF for its annual operating costs?

For general information on donating directly to  LEAF directly, please visit our donations page. LEAF accepts donations made through direct mail, monthly deductions, and bequests or planned giving. The charity number of the LEAF Foundation is 139417992RR0001.

Should I give directly to LEAF or to the Foundation?

There are benefits to both forms of support.  A direct donation provides funds for LEAF’s operational needs right away.  A gift to the LEAF Foundation provides LEAF with a solid base of support year after year.   The choice is yours.

How do I contact the LEAF Foundation?

You can contact the LEAF Foundation by writing to: The LEAF Foundation, 1 King Street West, Suite 4009, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 1A1