The Mass Casualty Commission is investigating the April 18-19, 2020 mass casualty event in Nova Scotia.

LEAF is participating in the Commission’s proceedings in coalition with Avalon Sexual Assault Centre and Wellness Within.


On April 18 and 19, 2020, a man killed 22 people in Nova Scotia. The mass casualty event also caused significant physical and emotional injuries for many others. Immediately prior to the mass shooting, the killer allegedly first abused his female partner.

Coalition’s Perspective

The Mass Casualty Commission is an independent public inquiry created to examine these events and to provide meaningful recommendations to help protect Canadians in the future. LEAF, Avalon Centre, and Wellness Within will be there to support the Commission’s work, and to ensure that its recommendations respond to the harms of gender-based violence in this case and more broadly.


The Commission will carry out its work from Spring 2021 to Fall 2022. It will release an interim report in May 2022, and a final report in November 2022.

LEAF is grateful to Erin Breen and Marianne Rennie (Sullivan Breen Defence), counsel for the Coalition before the Commission. LEAF is also grateful to Jade Pictou, who previously served as counsel for the Coalition.