This publication was created as part of LEAF’s Feminist Strategic Litigation (FSL) Project. The FSL Project examines the use and impact of feminist strategic litigation to help LEAF, feminists, and gender equality advocates more effectively combat systemic discrimination and oppression.

To better understand the needs of women and girls throughout Canada, in 2019 LEAF partnered with the Social Research Centre at Ontario Tech University to carry out a survey of organizations across the country. LEAF stays in regular contact with its strong network of partner organizations and advocates, but this survey provided us with the opportunity to get detailed information from a larger and more representative group of organizations.

This report represents the findings of that survey, and will be used by LEAF to help guide its future litigation work. We also hope that the report will be useful to other advocates fighting to advance equality rights.

See the executive summaries in English and French below. You can also download the complete report, which is available in English only.



LEAF acknowledges the support of Women and Gender Equality Canada for the FSL Project.