On November 16, 2021, LEAF sent a letter calling on the Premier of Ontario and others to support the Gender Affirming Health Care Advisory Committee Act.

Echoing the advocacy of Wisdom2Action, LEAF noted that creating a provincial advisory committee on gender affirming care is an essential first step to improving the health and health care of transgender, non-binary, 2-Spirit, and gender diverse people in Ontario.

Many gender affirming procedures and treatments, such as facial feminization surgery, permanent hair removal, and chest contouring, remain uncovered or only partially covered through Ontario’s health insurance. This reality is particularly concerning when we recognize that 41% of trans and gender diverse people in Ontario live in low-income households. Trans and gender diverse people, who often live in poverty, have to spend thousands of dollars out of pocket for medically necessary health care.

Gender affirming health care improves health outcomes for trans communities. It is time to listen to experts in trans health, especially trans communities, and come together to improve gender affirming health care in Ontario.

You can read and download our letter below.