On February 27, 2020, Benchers of the Law Society of Ontario (members of the Board of Directors of the LSO) will consider two motions: one seeking to limit the role of equality-seeking groups in advising on LSO committee work and one seeking to censure a representative from the Equity Advisory Group for speaking out on Twitter about a Bencher.

We are troubled by the motions, which seem entirely inconsistent with the LSO’s duty to protect the public interest. We urge the LSO to provide ample opportunity for feedback from equality-seeking groups on the motions and call on Convocation to vote against these motions.

To learn more about the motions and how they seriously risk undermining the important role of equality seeking groups and individuals, please read LEAF’s letter to the LSO from our Executive Director and General Counsel, Megan Stephens.

Read and download the letter below.