In November 2020, LEAF provided the Canadian Commission for Democratic Expression with a submission on the gendered nature and negative impact of online hate. LEAF’s submission also addresses the need for government to regulate digital platforms to strike the right balance between countering hate and disinformation, and safeguarding free expression.

Submission Overview

The Canadian Commission on Democratic Expression (CCDE) is conducting research in 2020-2021 to recommend a plan on limiting the negative impact of online hate and disinformation on Canadian democracy while respecting freedom of expression. The Commission invited members of the public and organizations to provide written submissions in support of its study.

In the submission, LEAF Staff Lawyer Rosel Kim explains that the Commission should recognize two key principles:

  1. Online hate targets women and girls and perpetuates misogyny, leading to negative impacts on democracy.
  2. Government regulation of online platforms is necessary to strike an appropriate balance between countering hate and disinformation, and freedom of expression.

You can read and download the submission below.