This case concerned discrimination against women in hiring practices. 

LEAF supported Aleksandra’s Vinogradov’s complaint against the University of Calgary. 


The University of Calgary denied Aleksandra Vinogradov a tenure stream position in the Department of Civil Engineering, even though Dr. Vinogradov was highly qualified. Had she been appointed, Dr. Vinogradov would have been the first woman to hold a tenure stream appointment in the Department of Civil Engineering.  

Dr. Vinogradov brought a complaint under Alberta’s Individual’s Rights Protection Act, alleging sex discrimination. The Board of Inquiry concluded that her situation had been the result of “atrociously bad luck” and personal failings, and not systemic discrimination. The Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta dismissed Dr. Vinogradov’s appeal.  


The Board of Inquiry erred in ignoring the role played by systemic discrimination in this case, and was wrong to find that Dr. Vinogradov had not been discriminated against based on her sex. The Court of Queen’s Bench also erred in because it applied the wrong standard of review to the case. 


Before the case could be heard on its merits, the court ruled that it did not have jurisdiction to hear the appeal. As a result, Dr. Vinogradov’s case was unsuccessful.  

LEAF is grateful to Mary Eberts and Bryan E. Mahoney, counsel in this case.  

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Read the Alberta Court of Appeal decision here.

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