October 13, 2021 – Register today to learn more about what a basic income means for economic gender equality at LEAF’s upcoming event: “Beyond the Basic: The Opportunities and Risks of a Basic Income“.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought longstanding gender inequalities into the public’s awareness. For instance, the fact that so much of the work that is “essential” to keeping people in Canada healthy and fed—such as healthcare, caregiving, cleaning, and food provision—is performed by racialized women, and is undercompensated and precarious. The fact that income assistance, social assistance, and many of our public services (like childcare) are painfully inadequate. And the fact that gender-based violence affects so many women and gender-diverse people and must end now.

How could a basic income program help to address these core issues of gender equality? In theory, a livable basic income could hugely reduce poverty. But moving beyond theory, what does a basic income program need to look like in practice to ensure that it genuinely helps women and gender-diverse people?

On October 28, 2021 at 12:30 EST, please join us for the launch event of LEAF’s two new reports, “Basic Income, Gender & Disability” and “Basic Income & The Care Economy”.

Sally A. Kimpson and Cee Strauss will discuss the findings in their reports. They will be joined by Isabel Daniels and Shalini Konanur to understand whether a basic income is right for this moment in the struggle for gender justice. Devorah Kobluk will moderate the conversation.

This event will have simultaneous French translation as well as English-language live captioning. Les présentations se dérouleront en anglais, avec interprétation simultanée vers le français.

Registration is free, and available now.