May 11, 2022 – The Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) has released a new, five-year plan to guide the organization as it uses litigation to advance gender justice. 

LEAF’s Feminist Strategic Litigation (FSL) Plan sets out five key priorities for 2022-2026: 

  1. Prioritizing reconciliation, decolonization of legal and social systems, and harm reduction 
  1. Tackling issues central to gender equality by taking on cases that advance: 
    – Anti-racism 
    – Reconciliation and decolonization 
    – An end to gender-based violence and violence against women 
    – Reproductive justice 
  1. Better centering the needs and expertise of those experiencing gender-based discrimination 
  1. Building on our strength in interventions, while exploring other litigation opportunities for the future 
  1. Working within the bigger picture, including through broader advocacy strategies and alongside the existing work of grassroots movements, communities, and partner organizations 

LEAF developed the FSL Plan as part of its FSL Project. This three-year project examined the use and impact of FSL to help LEAF, feminists, and gender justice advocates more effectively combat systemic discrimination and oppression. 

You can learn more about FSL and LEAF’s work through our FSL fact sheet, FSL impact report, and FSL case database

For more information, contact: 
Kat Owens 
Project Director, Feminist Strategic Litigation Project 
[email protected]  

The FSL Project was funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada. 

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