April 6, 2022 – Self-managed abortion (SMA) is one way for people to take control of their reproductive health, says the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF).

You can learn more about SMA in Canada in the new report “Self-Managed Abortion in Canada: A Status Report“, written by Julianne Stevenson and Jennifer Taylor and published in partnership with LEAF.

SMA involves a pregnant person taking steps to end a pregnancy outside of clinical environments, like hospitals or abortion clinics. “Self-Managed Abortion in Canada: A Status Report” contributes to the body of legal research on SMA, from a Canadian perspective.

The report looks at the basics of SMA in Canada. It considers the efficacy and safety of abortion pills, as well as legal considerations and risks. It concludes with a discussion of other aspects of holistic abortion care that offer some of the benefits of SMA within the current legal framework.

Check out the report to learn more!