This case concerned the ability to access Workers’ Compensation benefits as a result of sexual and racial harassment in the workplace.  

LEAF supported the complainant, whose identity was not made public, before the Hearings Branch of the Workers’ Compensation Board. 


The complainant in this case, a Black woman, worked on the assembly line at a Colgate-Palmolive factory, a workplace made up of predominantly white men. She faced six years of vicious sexual and racial harassment by her coworkers. As a result, she suffered physical and psychological damage that led her to quit her job, and she was unable to work moving forward. The Ontario Workers’ Compensation Board denied her claim for benefits, stating that there was no link between her work duties and the damage she had suffered. The woman appealed to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal. 


The Hearings Officer awarded benefits to the complainant, recognizing that harassment causes both physical and emotional injuries. 

LEAF is grateful to Cindy Wilkey and Mary Cornish, counsel in this case. 

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