December, 2007
In this issue: LEAF Persons Day Breakfasts, Congrats Marilou McPhedran, Legal Update
September, 2007
In this issue: 2006/2007 Annual Report, NAWL Office Closure, Legal Update, International Visits, Karen Busby Wins Woman of Distinction, In Memory of  Alisa Noda
June, 2007
In this issue: New LEAF Logo, Bell Canada Donates $20,000, Legal Update, Remembering Canadian Legends, LEAF Supporter Wins Woman of Distinction Award
April, 2007
In this issue: RCB Financial Group Equality Day Dinner, Legal Update, Announcements
February, 2007
In this issue: LEAF in the Courts, In the Branches, At LEAF National, A Reason to Give to LEAF, Ways to Give to LEAF, More Information, Donate Today!


December, 2006
In this Issue: In the Spirit of Giving — Holiday Gift Ideas, LEAF in the Courts, In the Branches, From LEAF National, In Memoriam, More Information, Donate Today!
October, 2006
In this Issue: From the LEAF Board, Legal Update, Loss of the Court Challenges Program — Implications for LEAF, Logo Competition, LEAF Book Launch, At National, In the Branches, Comings & Goings, Congratulations, More Information, Donate Today!
August, 2006
In this Issue: LEAF’s New Chair and Board of Directors, Welcome New Committee Members, Constituent Assembly, Legal Update, In the Branches, In Memoriam, Growing and Moving, Another Way to Support LEAF, More Information, Donate Today!
April, 2006
In this Issue: Legal Update, LEAF’s Equality Day Dinner, Bell Canada Gift to LEAF, Branch Update, In Memoriam, In Profile, More Information, Donate Today!
February, 2006
In this Issue: Legal Update, We Want to Hear from You, LEAF Volunteer Recruitment, Upcoming Events, Holiday Campaign, Acknowledgments, More Information, Donate Today!


December, 2005
In this Issue: Persons Day Events, Legal Update, Holiday Campaign, LEAF Restructuring Process, LEAF Welcomes new Board and National Legal Committee Members, LEAF Faces in the News, More Information, Donate Today!
October Special Edition, 2005
In this Issue: LEAF SCC Barney Update, Persons Day Events Missed in Our Most Recent E-mail Update, Donate Today!
October, 2005
In this Issue: New Executive Director, New Board of Directors, Legal Update, Persons Day Events, 20 for 20 Monthly Giving Campaign, Donate Today!
March, 2005
In this Issue: LEAF Counsel for Supreme Court Case, LEAF Board Recruitment, International Women’s Day, Welcome Sherri Walsh to the NLC, Equality Day Dinner:  Tickets Now Available!, LEAF at the Zonta Club in Brampton-Caledon, Vancouver Equality Conference, CCMW Symposium, Donate Today
February, 2005
In this Issue: LEAF Adopts New Supreme Court of Canada Case (Barney v. Canada), Leaf & Still We Rise, Farewell to Jennifer Koshan, Leaf’s 20Th Anniversary, Do You Know A Wonderful Leaf Volunteer?, Reason To Give
January, 2005
In this Issue: Legal Update: Arbitration Act, Pay Equity Coalition, LEAF Report: Provocation in Criminal Law, Branch Updates, In Memoriam: Professor Dianne Martin, Welcome to New NLC Members, Do You Know a Wonderful LEAF Volunteer? Reason to Give


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