A Long Way To Go: Collective Struggles & Dreams of Reproductive Justice in Canada

The contributions in this anthology – what we have called reproductive justice “snapshots” – provide unique perspectives on reproductive justice in Canada. Contributors explored reproductive health and rights through paintings, poetry, essays, collages, and interviews. The snapshots illuminate challenges, barriers, and inequities, while showing resilience, hope, and opportunities for change. Together, they reveal a clearer […]

Annual Report 2021-2022

It’s been year of bold and exciting impacts for LEAF, from updating our mandate to be more gender-inclusive, to taking a position on sex work law reform, to starting our Reproductive Justice project. Thank you to all those who supported LEAF as we charted a bold new path forward and further embodied our values as […]

LEAF’s Feminist Strategic Litigation Plan 2022-2026

This plan will guide LEAF’s work to advance gender justice until 2026. The Feminist Strategic Litigation (FSL) Plan is the culmination of the three-year FSL Project. The plan includes: Background on the FSL Project LEAF’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Organizational Priorities Key Lessons LEAF’s Feminist Strategic Litigation Priorities 2022-2026 Implementing the FSL Plan: Key Milestones […]

Sex Work Laws in Canada: A Position Paper

This position paper outlines and discusses LEAF’s position on Canada’s sex work laws. Among other recommendations, it calls for full decriminalization of sex work done by adults – an important first step to ensure that sex workers in Canada can live freely and exercise their agency, including exercising their right to autonomy, dignity, and equality. […]

Self-Managed Abortion in Canada: A Status Report

Written by: Julianne Stevenson and Jennifer Taylor “Self-Managed Abortion in Canada: A Status Report” is intended to contribute to the body of legal research on self-managed abortion (SMA), from a Canadian perspective. There is currently robust legal protection for abortion access in Canadian law. However, recent international legislative changes have demonstrated the limits of law […]

Basic Income, Gender & Disability

Written by: Sally A. Kimpson The purpose of this report is to inform current thinking about the potential of a basic income program to contribute to the full and effective participation and inclusion in society of disabled women and gender-diverse disabled people. It is a companion report to Basic Income & The Care Economy, and […]

Basic Income & The Care Economy

Written by: Cee Strauss This report examines whether a basic income program should be included in a feminist advocacy strategy for change in the care economy. It is a companion report to Basic Income, Gender & Disability, and is designed to contribute to the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund’s larger Basic Income Project. In […]