This case concerned “reverse” discrimination in the context of women’s only self-defense classes. 

LEAF supported Wen-Do Women’s Self Defense in its defence before the Ontario Human Rights Commission. 


Michael Celik, supported by a men’s rights group, filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. He argued that his rights to equal treatment were violated when Wen-Do did not let him participate in their women’s only self-defense program. Wen-Do offered a safe space for women to speak about their fears and experiences with sexual violence.  


Wen-Do, supported by LEAF, argued that its mandate was geared towards promoting women’s equality. As a result, it had not violated the Ontario Human Rights Code.  


The Human Rights Commission agreed that denying a man access to a women’s self-defense course was not discrimination.  

LEAF is grateful to Sheila McIntyre, counsel in this case. 

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