Reproductive Justice Project

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LEAF’s Reproductive Justice Project looks to advance reproductive justice in Canada through law reform advocacy at the provincial and territorial levels.   What is reproductive justice?  Reproductive justice means that every person:  Gets to make their own choices about having or not having children Can access sexual and reproductive health services, like: Birth control  Abortion Assisted […]

Basic Income Project

LEAF’s Basic Income Project Until all women and gender diverse people have equitable access to good quality and affordable education, health services, food, clothing, and housing, gender equality will not be achieved. Until all women and gender diverse people are not disproportionately poor, gender equality will not be achieved.   Gender discrimination intersects with other forms […]

LEAF’s Technology-Facilitated Violence (TFV) Project


Hate proliferates online with profound, measurable effects on women and other vulnerable groups. Amnesty International found that an abusive tweet is sent to a woman on Twitter every 30 seconds, including threats of murder, rape, and the use of misogynistic slurs. LEAF intervened in a key Supreme Court decision concerning voyeurism, emphasizing the gendered nature […]

LEAF’s Feminist Strategic Litigation Project

LEAF’s Feminist Strategic Litigation (FSL) Project examined the use and impact of feminist strategic litigation to help LEAF, feminists, and gender justice advocates more effectively combat systemic discrimination and oppression. What was the project about? To help plan LEAF’s future litigation work, we heard from 189 organizations from across Canada who told us about the […]

National Abortion Access Framework

Abortion access is a reproductive justice issue and a health care right. LEAF is currently mapping the state of abortion access across the country. Our goal is to publish a comprehensive resource that will provide region-specific information about health coverage and coding systems, timelines for accessing services, names of service providers and other resources for […]

Legal Strategy Coalition on Violence Against Indigenous Women (LSC)

Who are we? What work have we done? Why do we need a public inquiry into violence against Indigenous women and girls? LSC Resources Other Resources Who are we? The Legal Strategy Coalition on Violence Against Indigenous Women (LSC) is a nation-wide ad hoc coalition of groups and individuals formed in 2014 following the murder […]