In April 2013 , LEAF provided the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Status of Women with a submission on their study of sexual harassment in the federal workplace.

LEAF provided a written submission to the Committee outlining the barrier posed by sexual harassment for women’s equal participation in the workplace.

The brief notes that the Treasury Board policies in place regarding sexual harassment are good on paper but problematic in implementation, and offers a few possible solutions. For example, a different complaints model is needed, one that removes from the harassed worker the burden of addressing the harassment, along with improvements in hiring and promotion practices.

Sexual harassment acts as a significant barrier to women’s full participation in the paid workforce in Canada. This is particularly so for more vulnerable women, those with job insecurity, those in non-traditional types of employment, women with a disability, and those with a different race, religion or sexual orientation from the majority.

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that persists despite several decades of work to eliminate its profoundly negative and costly effects. LEAF urged the Committee to take action to enable women to participate in the workplace equally and with dignity.

LEAF also appeared as a witness before the Committee.

Read and download LEAF’s submission, available in English and French, below.