In September 2006, the Federal government eliminated funding for the Court Challenges Program (CCP). LEAF has intervened in numerous equality cases supported by funds from the program.

On November 1, 2006, LEAF testified before the federal Justice and Human Rights Committee about the impact of the elimination of CCP.

LEAF took the position that the federal government should reverse its decision to eliminate the Court Challenges Program and restore funding to this critical agency established to support selected equality test cases.

LEAF submitted that the opportunity for equality seeking organizations to intervene before the courts in equality related cases is an excellent way to ensure access to justice for disadvantaged persons. To protect the integrity and legitimacy of the legal system and to give full meaning to the constitution that supports it, everyone in Canada must have access to the courts. For people at the lowest income levels in Canada, a disproportionate number of whom are women, access to the courts is often an impossibility. The CCP was an important vehicle by which such barriers were removed for some cases.

Chantal Tie testified for LEAF before the Justice Committee on this matter.

Download LEAF’s submission to the Justice Committee below.