Abortion access is a reproductive justice issue and a health care right. LEAF is committed to ensuring reproductive justice remains a right for women in Canada, even during a pandemic.

LEAF Halifax has updated this resource on Nova Scotia’s abortion laws and policies: Access to Choice: The Legal Framework for Abortion Access in Nova Scotia. It is current to May 2020 and includes information on accessing abortion services during the pandemic.  

We would like to thank Julianne Stevenson, Jennifer Taylor and Mary Rolf for writing this very important resource and keeping it up to date. 

Abortion access in Canada in the 1990s was documented by the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL), among other groups. Check out CARAL’s 1998 review of the status of abortion across Canada.  

Stories of women having abortions in Nova Scotia in the late 1980s were also compiled by CARAL in this special research document.

It is through maintaining access to resources like these that the history of the struggle for abortion access, and the historical reality of peoples’ experiences in accessing abortion services, can continue to inform our work today. 

Here is an excellent infographic tracing the legal entitlement to abortion in Canada over the years:


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