In June 2022, LEAF provided a submission to the Employment Equity Act Review Task Force, to support its review of the Employment Equity Act (« EEA ») Framework.

LEAF supports improvements to pay equity legislation, regulations, programming, and research. These tools play a key role in identifying and combatting systemic discrimination in the labour market.

LEAF’s submission focused on the following consultation questions circulated by the Task Force:

  1. How does the changing nature of work affect the ability to achieve equality in the workplace?
  2. How can the Government of Canada generally, and the Ministry of Labour specifically, improve its support to achieving equality in Canadian workplaces?
  3. Should the EEA’s designated groups include additional populations, such as the 2SLGBTQI communities?
  4. What changes to employment equity legislation, regulations, programming, and research could better support equity groups?
  5. What roles can other organizations play in promoting employment equity, for example, unions, employer associations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)?
  6. What changes to the EEA are necessary to better support the public conversation on equity, diversity, and inclusion?

Download LEAF’s submission, or read it below.