In order to assist those preparing for a national inquiry into violence against Indigenous women and girls, the LSC has put together a research piece to address common questions about commissions of inquiry.

This document is informed by an overview of applicable law, as well as an assessment of what past public inquiries have done. The responses to these FAQs contain information, rather than advice. They are limited to a description of what inquiries can do, and how commissions of inquiry identify and perform their mandates. This is a publicly accessible document that includes helpful links, and a suggested reading list for members of the public who would like to look into certain issues in greater detail on their own. You can see the FAQs here.

The Legal Strategy Coalition on Violence Against Indigenous Women (LSC) is a nation-wide ad hoc coalition of groups and individuals formed in 2014 following the murder of Inuit university student Loretta Saunders, to marshal resources that address violence against Indigenous women. The LSC was established in 2014 as a response to the alarming prevalence of violence and discrimination against Indigenous women and girls in Canada. The coalition is comprised of individuals and civil society organizations with interdisciplinary expertise on issues that impact Indigenous women, including human rights, gender equality, and constitutional law. For more information please visit this page.