Written by: Grace Ajele and Jena McGill

This publication was created as part of LEAF’s Feminist Strategic Litigation (FSL) Project. The FSL Project examines the use and impact of feminist strategic litigation to help LEAF, feminists, and gender equality advocates more effectively combat systemic discrimination and oppression.

Intersectionality describes the unique forms of discrimination, oppression and marginalization that can result from the interplay of two or more identity-based grounds of discrimination. The purpose of this informational brief is:

  1. to highlight key ideas from existing research on intersectionality; and
  2. to consider the application of intersectionality in law and in legal contexts.

See the executive summaries in English and French below. You can also download the complete report, which is available in English only.

To learn more about intersectionality in law and legal contexts, check out our webinar on Intersectionality and Gender Justice.