In September 1994, LEAF wrote to the Minister of National Revenue to express concern about the discriminatory treatment of lesbian and gay bookstores by Canada Customs.

LEAF expressed:

  1. Concern that Canada Customs was thwarting the purpose of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in R. v. Butler
  2. Concern that Canada Customs was targeting lesbian and gay bookstores in a discriminatory manner
  3. The effects this discriminatory conduct had on lesbian and gay bookstores, to compel the Minister to take action to stop this conduct

The letter urged the Minister to:

  1. Order an immediate stop to heightened and discriminatory scrutiny of materials going to lesbian and gay bookstores
  2. Order an immediate review of Canada Customs’ existing regulations, policies, and practices for compliance with s. 15 of the Charter and with the law set out by the Supreme Court of Canada in R. v. Butler
  3. Organize a national consultation, bringing together concerned groups to examine discriminatory enforcement of the Customs Tariff and the practice of selectively detaining materials at the border

The letter was prepared by a volunteer working group coordinated by the West Coast LEAF Association.

Download the letter below.